About Us


Trudie Mulalu-Owner and Stylist

Local business owner receives global training in the art of curly hair

Curl Bar Beauty Salon is owned by Trudie Mulalu. She is a Deva Inspired Advanced Haircare Stylist trained at Lorraine Massey’s Devachan Academy in New York. Trudie is an experienced salon owner and hairstylist after having owned successful salons in Toronto and Halifax.

Curl Bar Beauty Salon is her newest venture striving to provide clients with what they deserve:

  • Value for their money
  • Professional  and efficient service provided by qualified staff
  • A relaxed atmosphere

Dixie Burke- stylist

A Native of Trinidad and Tobago, Dixie always had a love for hair and knew exactly what she wanted to do when she grew up. With over 15 years of experience Dixie a Deva Certified stylist shines in her skill and passion for all hair types. Her styling clearly demonstrates her creativity.


 Curl Bar Beauty Salon | Ghergis HagosGhergis Hagos – stylist

Ghergis is a Deva inspired stylist who is passionate about working with curly hair of all textures. She listens to clients’ wants and needs, addresses their concerns and makes sure they get the attention they deserve. She teaches clients to embrace their natural curls by equipping them with the knowledge they need to maintain their hair in between salon visits.

Betty | Curl Bar Beauty Salon Betty Berhe – Stylist

Betty is a natural stylist. She is not only attentive but goes about her craft meticulously in her quiet, unassuming way. Bringing out the best in each client’s hair and their satisfaction is very important to her. Not only does she want them to leave feeling and looking good, but she also ensures that they leave with the knowledge to maintain the look in between salon appointments.



Denise | Curl Bar Beauty SalonDenise Gill – Receptionist 

Denise is our personable receptionist and stylist-in-training. She has fantastic organizational skills and complements the work of the stylists while keeping on top of her client care responsibilities. Her keen and warm attention to every client enhances their Curl Bar experience.