How Can I Get My Hair to Grow?

Many of our clients, old and new, ask us for tips on how to grow their hair. Here are our Top 7 Tips on how to grow your curly or natural hair. Use curly hair friendly products Using moisturizing products that don't contain parabens and sulphates or silicones. You need a cleanser, conditio... More

Scalp Care Tip

Keep your Scalp Healthy with this Tip Once a week, give your scalp an exfoliating scrub treatment. This will slough off any dead skin cells and product buildup, making your scalp healthier and relieving any itchiness. Here are some suggestions for scalp cleansers: 1. Add brown sugar to DevaCurl ... More

Winter Hair Care Tips

We hosted a winter hair care workshop by Susan Walker, ND, Founder of Earthtone Naturals, makers of the Curl Enhancing Gelee, a product we recently started using and love. Here are some winter weather tips that can make your hair look and feel its best throughout this season. Deep Condition... More

8 Tips to Growing Your Natural Hair

Natural hair is dry; I have yet to meet a natural haired girl or guy with naturally oily hair. We all produce natural oil from our scalps, however due to the nature of curls or coils twisting, turning and zigzagging around and around the oil does not get to the mid shafts and ends. This leads to ... More

Simple Ways to Moisturize Type 4 Hair

One way to add moisture to your hair is by using coconut oil. Rub it in your scalp to the ends. You can leave it on your hair overnight and then co wash or shampoo it out with a no sulphate shampoo. Condition with a moisturizing conditioner (e.g DevaCurl One Condition). Spritz with water to ... More

Do You Have Type 3 Curls?

Type 3 hair includes lightly curly to very curly hair patterns that are well-defined and springy. Curly hair has a lot of body and can be easily styled in its natural state or straightened with a blow-dryer. Despite its appearance, type 3 curls are soft and fine rather than coarse. Here are hair ... More

What’s Your Curl Pattern? Type 4 Hair

Tiny “Z” shaped ringlets and shallow to deep “S” curls define this curl pattern. Coarse, densely packed, tightly coiled. Appears resilient but is actually very fragile. Won’t shine but can have sheen. May feel moisturized but not look it. Commonly referred to as 4a, 4b and 4c curl ... More

Removing Water and Creating Curls

Cup a handful of curls in your palm and gently squeeze while lifting up towards your scalp. Repeat the scrunching all over hair. Next, scrunch your hair with a microfiber towel to remove excess water without jeopardizing your curl pattern. Curly Clue: Terrycloth towels cause frizz. Microfiber ... More

DevaCurl One Condition 12 oz

Deva Curl One Condition Product Review

This is our best seller!  It has multiple uses: you can use it as a cleanser or co wash you can use it as a conditioner and rinse it out; you can use it as a leave in; you can use it as a styling aid; it can be used on kid's hair. Why We Love It We love using it in our hair and ... More

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