Trudie Mulalu


Local business owner receives global training in the art of curly hair

Curl Bar Beauty Salon is owned by Trudie Mulalu. She is a Deva Certified Curl Specialist and member of the esteemed Curly Hair Artistry group (CHA) a global group of passionate curly hair stylists that meet twice a year to learn and share all things curly.
An experienced salon owner and hairstylist after having owned successful salons in Toronto and Halifax, Trudie has trained at the Devachan Academy in New York.

Trudie recently joined over 30 stylists from around the country and the world at this year’s Curly Hair Artistry Symposium. This annual event focuses on refining the craft of working with wavy, curly and natural textured hair. Attendees received hands-on, advanced cutting education along with unique, indepth product knowledge.

Hosted by Curly Hair Artistry (C.H.A.) member Melissa Stites, and founder Scott Musgrave, the 2014 Symposium was held October 25 -27 in Detroit, Michigan. With the theme A Heart of a Curly, the passion for their art and compassion for their clients was at the center of the workshop. Musgrave explains, “C.H.A. is non product supported, sponsored or brand related – which means we are free to express ourselves and more so develop the Artist within. It was hard to find a professional environment that worked with curly hair and there was also a lot of confusion out there and consumer driven content that was infiltrating the professional salon environment. With this motivating me I created C.H.A. with the intention of building a foundation of Artists – the best in the world actually – to impact our industry with the proper information based on professional experience.”

Ms. Mulalu is a Deva Inspired Advanced Haircare Stylist trained at Lorraine Massey’s Devachan Academy in New York. Trudie is an experienced salon owner and hairstylist, having owned successful salons in Toronto and Halifax. She is one of only three C.H.A members located in Canada.
Curl Bar is her newest venture striving to provide clients with what they deserve:
• Value for their money
• Professional and efficient service provided by qualified staff
• A relaxed atmosphere